Frankly speaking

I had set aside an hour or so Saturday afternoon for a trip to Joliet. I was going to deliver a four-pack of Skeeter Pee to my buddy’s house. He mentioned that his lady was interested in tasting it. Normally it takes about 25 minutes to get to Joliet from my house. Today would be different.

I was on I-80 eastbound (and down) approaching I-55 where I’d take the northbound ramp toward Joliet. In the westbound lane of I-80, just west of the interchange were a slew of emergency vehicles which blocked all lanes of I-80 westbound. I caught a glimpse of an overturned semi and trailer off to the side. (More info.) I-80, east of the crash scene was a veritable parking lot as far as I could see.

I made it to my destination with little delay and dropped off the goods. I formulated a plan for my return trip trying to avoid the area of the crash. I’d take Route 6 west. Me and 10,000 other em-effers had the same idea and there we sat, nuts to butts, bumper to bumper. Next side road I’d make a uey and try to find an alternate route. I pulled out into the left lane to reach the side road ahead. I was called an asshole by the driver who wanted to turn into the lane that I occupied.

The side road was closed. A 3-point turnaround had me headed back toward the jam. A right turn into that empty lane and I was at least moving. But I was moving away from my destination, home.

Screw Route 6, I’d take Joliet’s main artery 52 west through Shorewood and continue on for a few miles to catch Route 47 south. That “main artery” was stop and go up to the cross road (Ridge Rd.) that all the semis took to get back on I-80. I continued straight to Rte. 47.

All in all, it took me 32 minutes to get to Joliet. It took 2 hours to return to Morris. All the way home I had my windows down, classic rock music playing via my old iPhone through the cassette adapter for the radio and I didn’t have to pee. It was a time to start listening to the lyrics of the music once again.

The crash that caused all the backups happened in the morning and normal traffic flow wasn’t restored until 7 p.m. Sad to say, one person was killed.

One dead driver and 10,000 em-effers are screaming at traffic. There are too many goddam people on this planet. Most of them are on I-80.

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