It’s Sunday and the many links to many interesting things are waiting. If you’re enjoying the nice weather, the Slinks will wait until you have time for them. That goes for all y’all. (All a yuz.)

Nice Pics

Nice Cars – 440 SixPack revisited

Veni Vidi Vatican [1:39] – tilt shift, time lapse

Wood Swimmer [1:40]

Electric planes are here! [5:25] – Cold Fusion

Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge [6:29]

Barrow, Alaska [5:49]

GPS is free [7:41]

The Batman Complex [3:00]
An expertly made trailer to a movie that doesn’t exist


Head-on Highway [7:50]

MUTO [7:26]


Billy Jean on fingerstyle guitar [3:53]

David Lee Roth – California Girls [4:30]


Holy water [0:13]

Don’t swim in this river [0:18]

News reporter and a pig [0:40] – fave


Craft Beer: A Hopumentary [14:13]

Tropical trend for summer: coconut IPAs

Czech beer train coming to US and China

Beer train [1:03]

* Jiffs *


Firefighter helmet cam [4:29]

This round is way different [15:02]

Musings on radial arm saws [11:47]

Lights-out boxing moments [10:33]

1965 Shelby GT350R Racer [6:41] – Muscle Car of the Week

New football helmet design [3:33]

AR-15 Ninja Tactical Zombie Killer [4:09]

Rat Rod Rally 2017 [3:42]

Shake [0:34]

Billy Idol – White Wedding [3:29]


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