Frankly speaking

I’m still trying to get all the links to automatically open in a new window. I’d post the question on the WordPress forums if I could suffer through the Forgot your password? scenario. Most of the time it’s late in the evening or I’m pressed for time (have to go to bed.) I’ll get it… one day.

The Tundra needs brakes. I have yet to arrange to get them replaced. I think this would be the third time since the truck was new. I remember the last time they were replaced that the guy who did it hurled curse words enough to topple an oak tree. We’ll see how it goes this time.

The truck is showing her age. The body in general looks very clean and undamaged except for a few scratches here and there. Underneath, it’s another story. Rust. Illinois winters can be harsh some years and the state throws megatons of salt on the roads.

There was a recall a couple of years ago for rust damage to Tundra frames. I brought my truck to get it taken care of. They kept the truck and gave me a Nissan Rogue as a loaner. Nice car but weird lookin’. Like the redheaded step brother of the Juke. Now there’s a piece of work, that Juke. And what the hell kind of name is Juke? Don’t get me started.

The Toyota dealer removed the bed of my truck, coated the frame with a thick black gunk and replaced the bed. They kinda messed up one of bolts and chipped the bed coating but what difference does it make now.

She has 168k miles on her now and she’s like me, still functional but old and wearing out. I had mentioned about getting a new truck and was met with nodding heads and “That’s nice.” I thought that the Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon would be nice choice for me. I thought about going back to a stick shift. Then I saw the prices.

Now, the phrase “At my age” really comes into play. I’ll stay with the Tundra. Hell, she’s probably as old as I am in truck years.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. This shit… you know the rest.

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