Frankly speaking

Yesterday I mentioned about adding some code to make all links open in a new window or tab. Remember? Well, the shit hit the fan Sunday night when I pasted old code I found on the Internet into an updated file on the site. As a result, I was locked out of my own website for two hours based on a parsing error in the file I was diddling with. Live chats with HostGator yielded next to nothing.

Finally, I had the idea of copying the good file from the pics.SPT subdomain (which have the same theme) and deleting the file on the main site. Then uploading the file. Worked like a charm. Except the entire right sidebar went away.

I was able to rebuild the sidebar in a few minutes. We are back up and running. Lesson learned: never trust old code (text) on the site again. If you see anything that’s missing, lemme know.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I was grasping for straws during the downtime, but now that everything’s okay, I’m quite relieved and I enjoyed the challenge.

Man, I can’t believe I did that. And I wasn’t even drinking.

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