Frankly speaking

It was a few years ago that we started the subdomain for pics and jiffs. That was right about the time we got rid of the Next Gen Gallery plugin and other plugins that slowed the site down. The Weekly Babes were moved over there as well. Therein lies the rub.

I don’t know exactly what years, but the links to view said Babes will result in a blank page with the title at the top. My task for the near future is to fix the links and have All the Weekly Babes nicely presented in their entirety.

A few weeks ago, I created a couple of macros for use with the Text Expander (a great time saver) to help speed up embedding videos. Now, instead of copying the code, editing it for the page size and then pasting it, it’s two key presses and a copy/paste. This has afforded me ample time to get the site updated in a timely manner and it gives me a bit of time to watch another episode of Sopranos.

The next venture is to auto target all the images. Targeting an image to “_blank” makes it open in a new tab or window. After viewing an image, it’s much better to close the image window when done and then have the original window waiting, rather than hitting the ‘back’ button and waiting for the site to find where it left off. We’ve been doing this for years.

I’ve recently come across two methods to do this automatically. One is a plugin and the other is some new code added to one of the WordPress files. I’ll be trying this out within a day or two. Can you image adding about 45 images to a post and then having to type in the target text for each one? Welp, that’s what I do with every picture via another macro. Needless to say, something that will automatically do that for me will save me even more time. More late night time for Sopranos. “‘Ey, how ya doon?”

And of course, there’s the one, old, ever present wish in my head to number the images in posts for reference via a plugin. Other websites can do this but they are probably not WordPress sites.

What you see

What you get if saved or downloaded

I’ve searched for this over time and have yet to score a viable hit on how to number the posted images.

The Sudden Polls will continue off and on as I think up valid topics. The old Resurrected Galleries that I mentioned in the past will now be called Revisited. There’s a lot of good but previously posted pics in them all. As I repost them, they will deleted from the Gallery subdirectory on the host server, freeing up more room.

If you have some idea or suggestion on how to make the site better and more appealing, OR if there’s something that’s wrong, by all means leave a comment, or send an email to I check it every day.

Still love doing this shit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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