We must have wished too hard for summer because it has arrived and smacked us right in the chops with at least four successive days of 90°+ heat. Time to run through the sprinkler and drink summer slammer beers. That’ll be fine for maybe a couple of days. Then we’ll start complaining again. Or just hole up inside next to the A/C vents.

Undulatus Asperatus Sunset [1:17]

Removing an oil drilling platform [7:47]

Odd Pics

Arriany Celeste – revisited

Moving 125′ electrical towers with a sky crane [7:17]

Deepwater Horizon blowout animation [11:22]

J.B. Weld cylinder head [9:58]

Who invented the first mobile phone? [8:26] – Cold Fusion

Robots and jobs [2:30]

Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2017 [6:42]


Food Fight [5:28]

Tax the Rich [7:49]


Temsa7LY [3:18]

Every guitar technique in one solo [2:50]

The Marcels – Blue Moon [3:24]


Annual Christmas tree fry [1:00] – Woo!

Catching a foul ball [0:26]

Birb [0:07]

Say hello to Jibo [0:08]


AB InBev acquires minority stake in Rate Beer – craft breweries want out

A message from Sam on current RateBeer changes | Dogfish Head

* Jiffs *


 Lowriders in Japan [12:28]

 Best gloves for work [6:32]

Best MMA comebacks [9:20]

Stealing home compilation [5:26]

2011 Nickey Performance Stage III S 427 Camaro [6:04] – Muscle Car of The Week

DiResta welding table assembly [4:27]

The era of the NFL barefoot kickers [7:18]

Aussie burnouts [11:57]

LFL fights and skirmishes [11:03]

CCR – Proud Mary [3:06]

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