Frankly speaking

Hot weather is coming to Flatland next week. 3 days of swelter starting on Sunday with temps in the mid 90s. I pity those poor working stiffs who will slave outside under the sun. They’ve got to be prepared for it.

Finally bottled up thirty-nine 500ml flip-cap bottles of Skeeter Pee lemon wine. It finished off just a few points under 10%. My son’s wife (I think that would be my daughter-in-law) said that while it tasted really good, it was different from the last batch. Next batch, I’ll go back to the original yeast. (I know I have it written down somewhere.)

A few weeks ago, we noticed a long puddle in front of our house extending quite a distance past the neighbor’s house to our south. We watched it daily and it never evaporated. I paid a visit to the Morris Water Dept. or whatever they call themselves, and explained the situation.

The very next day, there was a worker at our door explaining what he was going to do. He was going to listen. He went to the b-box (buffalo box – the main water shut-off to the house) and shut off the supply of water to our house. He then put his ear very close, if not right on the long wrench that he used. He was listening for water flow. If there was no sound of water flow, then the leak was somewhere between the b-box and our house. If he heard water still flowing, it was the city’s problem. A sigh of relief that we narrowly avoided a really big expense in repairs not to mention the inconvenience.

The city blocked off our street and dug a trench all the way across to the buried water main on the other side. Six hours later, they turned the water back on. However, they failed to open our sill cock (outside faucet) to get rid of any air and shit that was in the lines. Consequently, we had to replace two faucets in our bathroom sinks.  If my wife saved the receipts, I just may make another trip to the Morris Water Dept. or whatever they call themselves, and ask for some recompense.

The Mighty Tundra is running fine and there are no lights on in the dash. All is right with the world.

Once again, thanks a lot for stopping by. And I still love doing this shit.

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