It’s Sunday and it’s in the mid 80’s outside with a slight chance of rain. The rain we could do without, but the temp is something we’ve been waiting for, for a long time. It’s like summer at last. Inside or outdoors, enjoy your Sunday. Oh, and look at what we have here.

Nice Pics

Incredible Tattoos

Morris Cruise Night 2010 – resurrected

Stormlapse – Fractal [3:22]

Two┬░C – New-York City [3:48]

Juno flyby of Jupiter [1:48]

I Tried Escaping A Sniper [10:00]

Why the YouTube algorithm will always be a mystery [4:58] – Tom Scott

Largest glacier calving ever recorded [4:42] – fave


Animation Infestation [0:56]

CSGO – Shooting Stars [1:00]

Sur Ecoute [1:42]


Policeman at the piano [2:04]

Tritsch-Tratsch Polka [3:11]

Jaw Harp Boogie [1:35] – fave


Angry pedestrian gets instant karma [0:19]

Super Mario Mercedes-Benz commercial [0:30]

Scissor knife [0:28]


AB InBev acquires minority stake in Rate Beer

Those South African hops (story)
Now look at the back page of the Nothern Brewer catalog.

Hop powder/hop dust

* Jiffs *


Dash cam crashes [12:37]

NASCAR drivers miked up [4:22]

DiResta makes a Filson mallet [10:00]

Heavyweight tug o’ war [8:19]

Brothers Collection Museum Tease Viewer Mail [10:49] – Muscle Car of the Week

Muay Thai fight [11:19] – Not a Shaolin monk; he just dresses that way.

Formula Offroad Iceland 2017 [6:26]

Lingerie Football touchdown celebration [0:32]
LFL fave[2:29]

Dokken – Dream Warriors [4:50]

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