Frankly speaking

On Sunday I was honored by the presence of all my kids and their babes and their kids to help me celebrate a significant birthday, a milestone in my life. I turned over another decade and experienced my 70th birthday. Jesus H. Christ, SEVENTY. That’s a pretty good speed for car or truck but a cautious stepping stone for a human body.

The occasion featured quite a few bottles and samplings of Westvleteren 12 which was purchased at the only time it was made available in the US, 12/12/12. The beer has aged for about 4 1/2 years and the boys and I celebrated the occasion by draining all 10 or 11 bottles, a few ounces at a time. What a great time to experience family and rare beer all in one setting.

For me, I still remain the little kid or teen or young adult in this larger than original, double chinned body. I’ve slowed down over the past few years but I haven’t stopped. I remain lucid and do a challenging crossword puzzle per day, and I’m not even out of breath. I walk a bit… from the truck to the beer store and back to the truck. I am aware of my mortality and I have accepted it. I’ve given instructions to my kids on where all my passwords are and how to disable this website in case of my demise.

May 28th was a great day to be alive. I plan to hopefully remain that way for a few more years.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Geezer Frank

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9 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Tony says:

    Congratulations Frank on your milestone birthday. You are very lucky to have a loving family around you; or is the beer they turn up for??

  2. Al Asarnov says:

    Glad to hear of your milestone, hope you keep on enjoying all that the world has to offer!

  3. SkipHerr says:

    Happy Birthday Frank!

  4. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks a lot man.

  5. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks. I’ll continue for as long as I can.

  6. fcgrabo says:

    A little bit of both I guess. You nailed it right on the head.

  7. Terry says:

    Congrats Frank!

  8. Fretwalker says:

    Notched another one, Frank, congrats!
    You’ve still got a few years on me… damn few!!

    Hoisting a Surly Furious (from the can… someday I’ll remember to bring a decent glass with me on the road) in your honor!

  9. fcgrabo says:

    Thanks, Fret, and cheers to you.

    What did they used to say?… Keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down.

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