Frankly speaking

There are a few phenomena of the human anatomy that puzzle people as to why certain things happen. A gurgling stomach, for instance. A rogue fart, a ringing in the ear and the worst, a stiff neck.

In the past I have experienced stiff back muscles, side muscles, whatever, stiffening up for no reason. Not one of them is any less painful than any other. A stiff back muscle is the really bad, but a stiff neck is hell for your head and makes for a very bad day. I may have referred to my wife as “a pain in the neck” and somehow she got wind of it and gifted me with one while I was sleeping.

That’s what I went through this past week and it was hell. Here it is Saturday night and I’m still nursing this goddamn neck pain that’s finally on its way out. Driving has been a real chore.

Monday through Wednesday I was absolutely miserable as this painful muscle contraction went from behind the left ear, to the right ear and then down to the traps on both sides. Ibuprofen is slowly reversing the trend. Thought about mixing some in with my Fruit Loops but decided against it. I think I’ll somehow survive.


I’m starting to roll the old Next Gen galleries back into rotation little by little. Judging by the “hit counter,”  images seem to be a lot more popular than the daily videos. With that in mind, nothing will change as far as videos are concerned. But there will be more image sets and picture galleries just to clean things up on the server.

I just might rummage around in more directories on the server like I used to do in the attic when I was a kid. “I remember this.” is what I’m hoping for. Then share it with everyone.

If you have any ideas on how to make SPT a bit better, please leave a comment at the end of any post, or send an email to Yeah, do that. Send the email and tell me how you feel about the Sudden Poll, the Weekly Babes, the typos, the mindset, Etc. Not enough pictures? Too many videos? Any suggestions?

Stop. Let’s rest and have a beer.

Ya know beer is a muscle relaxer. I can tell you that from personal experience. Like right now.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m still loving this shit.

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