Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers. If your mom is still around, please make sure you make her day by at least showing up for a visit with some cake or pie or other material show of affection. If that’s not possible, then call to say hello and wish her the best on her day and thank her for giving you life. Tell her you love her. You’ll feel good about yourself for doing it. Reward yourself with a cold craft beer.

Nice Pics

Mill VFX reel [2:38]

The Arecibo Telescope could save the world [4:35]

Tesla now the most valuable car company in the U.S. [7:46]

Mishaps with cutting down trees [7:13]

Kangaroo boxing fight [4:12]

Awesome roadtrip vehicle [7:50]

MegaBot leg day [5:21]


The Ground is not Safe [1:16]

LOR_HomunculusFallacy [5:36]

Shock More [7:50]


Scottish street music [3:10]

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Chapman Stick [3:28]

Whitewater by Sleepy Man Banjo Boys [4:07]


Great Wall of China [0:46]

Clearing a climbing path [0:36]

Rally car rebuild time lapse [0:29]


The PicoBrew – video

AB InBev hoarding hops

Jim Koch – the ABCs of beer drinking [3:44]

* Jiffs *


DiResta cannon [12:18]

Mulholland riders [7:39]

Outstanding catches in football history [6:03]

Police badge tested for being bulletproof [7:04]

1971 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible [6:38] – Muscle Car of the Week

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Michelle Yeoh/Zhang Ziyi Fight [5:01]

Amy Johnston vs 7 Man [7:49]

Downhill bike run POV [3:08]

Webcam dance [2:08]

Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes [3:53]

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