Dark Lord Day 2017

Three sons and one of their buddies attended Dark Lord Day last Saturday. This trip made it the sixth time they went to the event. Tickets were available online for $180 for what seemed like four minutes. Each ticket got you 4 bombers of DL and one variant all nicely packaged in a designer tote bag. The variants are listed in this graphic. Some people were selling their variants for $200 or more on the premises.

The boys had a blast and said it was the best that Floyd had done so far. Orderly lines, plenty of porta-potties strategically placed and brief waiting in queues. On a beer forum a few said it was the worst experience and soured them on 3Floyds and Dark Lord Day. Nobody can please everybody.

There are a few images taken at the event which I’d like to share with the readers.

Hit it.

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