Blue Collar Brew – Brickstone Galaxy Down Under IPA

Almost completely healed from that common cold I caught last weekend and the Kleenex usage is decreasing. “Common cold” works only when you don’t have one. When you get a cold, there’s nothing common about it at all.

At some point in that snot filled interval, my son sent me a text and an image about a new beer from Brickstone down in Bourbonnais, down over by Kankakee. The beer was called Galaxy Down Under and I could only assume by the name, that it was tweaked with those tropical Australian hops. Those sweet, fruity, drippy, mouth watering hops. The beer seemed to have already taken up space right next to Brickstone’s other beer of this style, Hop Skip.

Both of these beers have become the go-to beers of all of the sons. I will follow right along and maybe lay off the Belgians for a while. I’ll see how that goes.

Time to jump tongue first into a nice cold beer.

The beer poured with a slightly hazy orange-yellow and the aroma preceded it into the glass. I could smell the fruitiness from a foot away. Moderate level of white foam went away after a while but that’s okay. The aroma was once again that of sweet, juicy hops.

The first sip was damn nice. Good medium body and a bit of grapefruit mixed in with some orange and other fruity flavors. This is definitely one beer where the hops are from the tropical end of the spectrum. All of the flavor of this beer is concentrated in the center. Therefore there’s no bitter rasp at the swallow to speak of.

The beer, being so new, isn’t even on Brickstone’s list on their website. Untapped calls it “An Australian style Pale Ale bursting with Galaxy hops and exploding with passion fruit and citrus flowers.” There’s nothing going to explode in this beer. The marketer must’ve been drunk when he wrote that description. And I wouldn’t shackle this beer by calling it an Australian style pale ale. That doesn’t seem right. It’s more like what comes out of Vermont.

Beer Advocate gets a little better. “Deep Golden in color, made with light carmel malts, hopped with loads of amarillo hops with a slight citrus flavor, then dry hopped for 4 days for a plentiful aroma.” The Amarillo is probably what gives this beer its grapefruity-ness but it’s a low alpha hop. They may have used “loads” of Amarillo for bittering at the beginning of the boil. But the label on the can said that the beer was in their “single hop series.” Therefore, one can assume all the descriptions read so far are crap. And it’s dry hopped for four whole, entire days. Wow. 4 days dry hop? I dunno. Maybe.

The similarities between this Galaxy beer and the Hop Skip beer from a few weeks ago will be tested here tonight. I have one left over in the fridge. I’ll try that one once this Galaxy is gone.

The Hop Skip appeared to be slightly more orange in the glass. The foam head acted the same. The aroma was there but it was more subdued compared to the Galaxy beer. The first sip was damn near identical to the other first sip I had taken. From that one sip, I’m quite amazed at what the brewers did here. A triad of hops (Citra, Amarillo and Centennial) create a near identical taste profile to that of the Galaxy.

I’d say that the base malts in the recipe are the same for these two beers. The only difference would be the hop additions and their timing. But either way, you can’t go wrong with these Brickstone beers. The only difference would be the ABV. 7.75% for the Hop Skip versus 6.5% for the Galaxy Dan Unduh. (Had to throw that in.) This is what sparks my interest in a road trip down to Brickstone so that I could speak with someone about these beers. True liquid gems and they’re right here in Flatland.

The Galaxy beer would fill the bill as the perfect summer patio refresher. I sure hope you get a chance to try beer from Brickstone Restaurant and Brewery, dan unduh Morris, in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

The SixPackTech summary for Brickstone Galaxy Down Under IPA:

Style: IPA
Taste: Sweet and fruity, like a beer in a drink box.
Smoothness: Like silk going down.
Bang for the buck: Excellent for the taste.
Amount paid: $9.99 per sixpack of 12-ounce cans.
Get it again? Oh hell yeah.
ABV: 6.5%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: (Unfortunately, she caught my cold and can’t taste anything except chocolate.)

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