Nice Sunday today. The sun is out, it’s about 60° and all the Flatlanders are wondering where in the hell is summer. No one should have to wear a jacket to cut wet grass. But we’ll take it, as long as the rain keeps up so it don’t come down. Pfft!

Nice Cars – ’30s Fords

Cassini’s last mission, crashing into Saturn [3:55]

Tornado scenes from 2016 [16:05]

Warship in big waves [2:59]

1984 and the Modern State of Surveillance [12:51]

Ten website you never knew existed [6:38]

MegaProcessor [8:08]

The true cost of the royal family explained [4:42] CGP Grey

PLUG [16:21] – sci-fi short


Badass Fighting Anime [3:53]

Pixar intro parody [1:32]


Barbershop quartet of young ladies [3:24]

Tetris Rag [2:56]

Carolina Crown Atlanta trumpet rehearsal [0:24]


Lightning leaders and stringers [0:34]

“Oil light on and rattling heard” [0:21]

Bird bounces golf ball [0:04]


DFH’s Calagione wins the James Beard Award

Lighter beers for summer according to GQ

Inside a Czech Floor Malthouse – pictorial

* Jiffs *


Bollywood action movie – powerful entrance [5:48] – amazing

Tower climbers working [7:47]

Rarest boxing moments [16:38]

French cleat storage wall [12:10] – Frank Howarth

10 Quickest Cars of 1970 [9:47] – Muscle Car of the Week

At what distances is a shotgun deadly? [12:15]

Best of Yuri Boyka [11:19]

Russian wedding [1:46]

Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of Her Feet [5:33] – with Black Ladysmith Mombaza

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