Frankly speaking

I hab a code id by doze. I’ve been blowing and sneezing for two days. Feelin’ a little achy but not too achy. I sit here at my computer desk wearing a hoodie to stay warm while I apologize for another lost beer night post.

I’ve been going through the host server mainly looking at the dead Next Gen Gallery images. I have assigned myself the mission to rescue all the images and repost them from time to time. As a matter of fact, the Nice Car pics in the Slinks on Sunday will feature one of the oldest galleries, the ’30s Fords. They still look good today. Who knows what we’ll find over time. It’ll be like going up in the attic and opening up suitcases and chests that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

And son of a bitch, wouldn’t you know it, but my Check Engine light is on again. You wouldn’t think that 165k miles is the planned obsolescence point for this Toyota Tundra. Hell, all I do is go to the beer store every day and maybe visit the homebrew shop a ways away. Maybe the old girl needs some exercise. Before I decide that, I’ll fork over some more cash to get some goofy smog sensor replaced. Maybe a ride to Chicago or St. Louis would be a good idea. Chances are, with my luck, the Check Engine light would go on as I pull into my own driveway at journey’s end.

Memorial Day weekend marks a big personal milestone in my life. I’ll be writing about it when we get there. If I survive this code id by doze.

Even now, when I’m half dead in a hoodie, I still love doing this shit. Thanks for stopping by.


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