Spring has slipped back into much cooler temps after a couple of nice days. This seems to be an ongoing pattern for us Flatlanders. We’ll continue to have more of these peaks and valleys until some entity with some clout finally says, “Enough!” Then a switch gets flipped somewhere and before you know it, we’ll all be sweating in our underpants. Say “switch flip” ten times fast.

Nice Pics

The North Korean nuclear threat explained [6:36]

What nuclear war would look like [5:18]

The fastest wind in the universe [4:01]

Stop printing 3D crap [2:48]

The sun sneeze gene [6:16]

Crappy design – 2012 Honda console [4:21]

Old west town built in a backyard [3:29]


Technological Threat [4:56]

asdfmovie3 [1:25]


Inappropriate wedding songs [2:28]

The real opening chord to A Hard Day’s Night [1:45]

Chicago – Harry Truman [3:05]

Chicago – Make Me Smile cover [4:32] – Leonid & Friends


Jammed roller coaster [0:31]

Aircraft low passes [0:53]

Sexy World [0:18]


How to vent and tap a cask [3:53]

Sleepaway collaboration [8:43]

* Jiffs *


Big rig crashes [10:13]

DiResta bandsaw cut sign [12:17]

Controlling wild hogs in Georgia [5:37]

Chrysler Hemi FirePower engine rebuild time lapse [5:14]
Starting the hemi for the first time [1:59]

Sumo wrestling highlights [7:04]

1969 Ford Torino Pikes Peak Winner [12:57] – Muscle Car of the Week

Neodymium shotgun slugs [7:45]

Nitrous Mustang [4:58]

Kizomba dance [2:24]

Carlos Santana — Black Magic Woman [8:31]

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