Frankly speaking

I’ve been sitting at the computer desk while listening to it rain out the window. It has been raining steadily for a little over 8 hours with varying degrees if intensity. All the time that this was occurring, I wondered about a few things: Will the gutters hold up? Where will the roof leak next? Will the crawlspace stay dry? Will my truck’s serpentine belt not not make noise when I start it?

As you may know, WordPress has been updating their CMS software on our site automatically. Every so often I’ll get an email stating that SPT has been upgraded. Something else was done automatically that had concerned me because no warning was given.

On our site, every link, either external or internal, and every image has the target=“_blank” attribute to send you guys to a new window to view whatever you clicked on. This helps by not having the site reload when you wish to return reading. Saves time. We’ve been doing it for years. It’s so much better to just close the new window than wait for the site to reload again.

All of a sudden, and without warning, out of the blue, some more coding was added. In which case target=“_blank” was changed to target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”. I got very concerned. What the hell is this and who did it?

I Googled the hell out of it when it first happened. Ah! No reason to panic. It was to prevent something called Reverse Tabnabbing. There’s a little bit about that here. If you are interested.

In the grand scheme of SixPackTech, this means that you see no changes, I see no changes and the site is a little bit safer.

Tomorrow, I’ll be batchin’ it since the wife of my life will be with her four sons and sister up north somewhere for a performance of J.C. Superstar. She will absolutely enjoy the hell out of it. I’ll be home, posted at my computer desk in my underpants, with the thermostat set to where I want it. I’ll eat Fruit Loops out of the box and wash ‘em down with rootbeer. I might lie down on the floor and weigh my head on the bathroom scale. Farting out loud at will is wonderful, but sad when there’s no one to share it with.

Thanks for stopping by.

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