Sunday finds us on the upswing of the weather rollercoaster with temps nearing 70°. Mother Nature, bitch that she is, loves to tempt and tease us with a short stint of a warm day or two followed by a string of chilly ones. This ride will continue for about another month until sometime in late May, the summer switch will be turned on and we’ll have many days in the high 80s.

Nice Pics

Google Earth’s imagery explained [8:08]

What nuclear war would look like [5:18]

Desktop trebuchet kit [6:05] – Kickstarter project

The Nintendo Switch [6:44] – Cold Fusion

Why do Macs suck for gaming? [8:19]

The littlest shotgun [11:51]

The Y2K Crisis [7:28]

Curmudgeons [16:50] – short video


Benjamin Goes To A Swingers Party [5:49]

The D in David [2:06]


Radetzky March [1:39]

Clarinet Polka [3:49]

Luna Mezzo Mare [2:34]


Race fell apart real quick [0:15]

Point of view [0:06]

What the sun sounds like [0:29]


What city is the microbrew capital of the US?

Sam Adams loosing its shine?

* Jiffs *


Ultimate work truck – the Tool Tank [13:21]

World Rally Championship highlights [16:37]

Forging a Damascus chopper [6:05]

1967 Yenko 427 Camaro [5:04] – Muscle car of the Week

Overloaded shotgun [8:39]

It’s what’s her name [2:08]

Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son [5:23]

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