Frankly speaking

I had been given (on loan) a small video camera called a Flip Mino by my son. Is it named “Flip My No” or “Flip Minnow?” I’ve often wanted one of these cameras but I couldn’t justify the cost at the time. I don’t get out enough to warrant a video device for sharing content on the Web. I have an old iPhone IV that has a camera, but I find that the stub of my abbreviated index finger on my right hand gets in the way more often than not.

I thought about using the Flip as a dash cam, but there’s no decent place to mount it without buying some gear for that purpose. And besides, nothing crazy happens from my house to the beer store.

Tonight, I thought I’d try it out on the first pour of the beer review and see how WordPress and HTML5 handles it. I was not going to get involved in uploading to YouTube.

I had the chance to put a deep ballpeen hammer dent in my credit card at the Homebrew store by buying all that I needed for a new batch of Skeeter Pee for the ladies in my life. What remains to get are the lemon juice and metric ton of sugar.

The family has made plans for the Memorial Day holiday to be spent at the Liberty Street Manor in honor of the old man’s birthday. It’ll be just like old times. We’ll crank classical rock out in the garage while we sit on the driveway. It will be this day that we will open and pour the Wesvleteren 12 beers that we bought about 4 years ago.

I’m looking into dumping the WP Super Cache plugin which I’m pretty sure, based on our site’s traffic, we don’t need. The plugin may just be another one of the stumbling blocks to quick site load.

Last week’s Sudden Poll had our movie preferences all over the place. We’ll skip this week’s poll and pick up again next week.

Jeezus I ran late this evening. So what. Life is good, spring has sprung, there are no crickets yet and I still love doing this shit.


Thanks for stopping by.

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