I think we’ve finally made it. Here in Flatland, we hit a nice 80° briefly and have more warm weather in store for a few days next week. Of course, rain will accompany a lot of that. But, hey. Look around. Some trees have bloomed with pink or white flowers and many of the trees are giving off what I call “tree-NA.” Seeds or particles that get scattered all over to continue the species. A true meaning to “morning wood.” The cottonwood trees give off the most obnoxious seed floaters that get in your mouth, your eyes and anywhere that has moisture. If you crack your window a half-inch, a cottonwood seed floater will find a way to get inside the vehicle. Regardless, it’s a great time to be alive.

SixPack Pics – Statues

Cassini’s Grand Finale [3:40]

Exploding plants [1:53]

A closer look at Boston Dynamics’ LS-3 all-terrain robot [8:01]

A.I. is progressing faster that we think [12:07]

Drug testing in sports [7:11]

We are One [2:21]

Guy converts a double-decker bus into an RV [12:05]

Titans of the Earth – The Life of Diggers [15:07] – fave


Autonomous [4:03]

World War [5:03] – fave


Bully in the Alley [4:01] – sea shanty

Flatt & Scruggs – Salty Dog Blues [2:08]

Baby Face [3:35]


Rockster [0:39]

Dancing in the street inconspicuously [0:37]

Reunited with helmet [0:32]


Rating the best wheat beers/hefeweizens

AB InBev to export Africa beers to foreign markets

Beer festival in Norwich, England [2:01]

* Jiffs *


DiResta small sword [8:32]

Drag boat racing [14:03]

The early days of UFC, 20 years ago [Streamable] – kick volume up

Greasy rag bearing removal [9:41] – kick volume back down

1962 Chevrolet Z11 [4:30] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best scenes of rallying [8:46]

Secretariat [3:57] – Belmont Stakes, 1973

2017 Harley Davidson girls [4:05]

John Fogerty – Lookin’ Out My Back Door [3:28]

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