Frankly speaking

This ol’ fart is taking it easy for Saturday night, swilling down some Ommegang tripels and loving the warm weather outside. T-shirt for the day sure beats the other layers from months gone by. Now it’s time to readjust daily routines and habits to the new warmer climate for the next 3 or 4 months.

The warmer weather also offers more opportunities for outdoor homebrewing, brew-in-a-bag in particular. The BIAB method, in my opinion yields the best tasting beer and is a great alternative to all-grain brewing. BIAB is also called single vessel brewing. Only one huge container to clean up when finished. Of course, like with any homebrewing, there’s a shit-ton of equipment to clean up before and after anyway. With BIAB, the steps required is one less. There’s no mash tun. The mash tun is the brew kettle. It’s like the steps in the procedure only go up to 9. (Somehow that doesn’t have the same effect as Spinal Tap’s 11.)

I have some inkling of an idea on finally getting the garage cleaned up with minimal effort. I hope to employ my grandson to do all the lifting and moving with the payoff being a road trip to get ice cream. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Maybe he’d like to learn how to brew beer. That will require some thought and parental guidance.

Temps are going to dip below the 65° mark later this week. The good times arrive at last when we finally hit my magic mark of 85° in the relative distant future. At that temp, I am singularly at ease with the climate in Flatland and actually float 2 millimeters above the earth when I walk. A few brewskis help with that phenomenon. Hey! Pull my finger!

Last week’s Sudden Poll was mixed among steak lovers with Ribeye being the most popular cut by a slim margin.

Special thanks to the one guy who congratulated us on being online for 9 years straight. For all you other guys, just understand that I still love doing this shit.

Thanks for stopping by.


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