Spring is taking its sweet time getting here. We had an entire week of wind and rain and finally today, we bask in the warmth of the sun. Then we will start the cycle again later in the week. Once the trees start sending out buds and bud lights, it won’t be long before the bugs arrive. Soon after that, the idiot kids of the robins will hatch and call in their nests at 2 or 3 a.m. when we’re trying to sleep. But other than that, it will be a great time to be alive. Until the goddam crickets roll into town in late July. Then not so much.

Nice Pics

A Storm of Thunder [2:44]

Cassini’s most stunning Saturn pics

What are Virtual and Augmented realities? [7:32] – Cold Fusion

How a $40 late fee started Netflix [12:52]

YouTube Drama – CGP Grey
How ads work on YouTube [4:34]
Dollars per monetized view [1:11]
YouTube Red [0:57]

The second oldest trick in sleight of hand [5:21]


10 vehicles down a cliff [8:52]

Double King [9:47]

asdfmovie10 [2:14]

Music – Dirty Songs

World’s Dirtiest Song [2:23]

Leningrad Cowboys -The Rodeo Song [2:05]

Fuck You Texas [1:56]

No apologies.


Lawn sweeper [0:39]

Trucker teaches a driving lesson [0:51]

It’s a Hard Knock Life – tune from Annie [0:54]

A Mustang called Snake Bite [0:37] – fave


Martin City Brewing [13:53]

April 7th was National Beer Day

Depth Charge product ad [1:32] – better than a Randall Jr.

* Jiffs *


BJ Baldwin in Cuba [9:00]

Hot rod and rat rod show – arrival [5:26]

World’s craziest MMA fighter [4:07]

Day 2 Cars at Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals [5:55] – Muscle Car Of The Week

DiResta steel sign [8:47]

Football legend Jack Lambert [4:24]

Body Art and a Russian song [4:05]

Van Halen – Panama [4:22]

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