Frankly speaking

Yes, spring is officially here. About twenty thousand Harleys went past the house today. The sun was out, there was a very slight chill in the air and the robins were having tug-of-war contests with worms. I like how they point that one eye down at the dirt looking for worms. The weather has to settle out for another week or so before we get into the warm weather mindset.

The lady who owns Route 6 Liquors down the road in Channahon, took a couple of months off to go back to India and visit family there. I asked her to place an SPT sticker in an obvious Indian location and take a picture. I recently received this via email:

SPT in India

Kinda cool I’d say. You could do the same thing. First, send me an email at and request some site stickers. They’re free, don’t worry. After you receive the stickers, book a trip to India (or Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam I heard they got a lotta nice girlsah) or wherever. Then stick the sticker somewhere at your destination and take a picture. Help internationalize SixPackTech. If you send me a jpeg of it, I’ll post it here on the site and on the Sticker page. Then you and us will be famous. Then we’ll drink beer and laugh a lot. And pee.

Another Sudden Poll for this week, this time about meat. Last week’s poll had vanilla as the #1 preferred ice cream flavor followed closely by Chunk Monkey and/or other exotically named desserts. A few don’t eat that shit.

Next Sunday we will once again be hosting a raft of offspring and their offspring. This family started with two and grew to 12 with one in the oven. Easter Sunday will have another home cooked meal, loud raucous joking, small kids running around like crazy and me worried if there’s enough beer to go around. It’ll be a good day. Hope yours is just as good. If you don’t have a big family like I do, just pitch a lawn chair on the front porch and watch the Harleys go by. Blow an airhorn at the loudest ones showing your approval.

Once again, thanks for stopping by

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