Here we are still drumming our fingers waiting for the weather to clear up. It’s been rain and 40s all through the week. We are overdue for some warm weather therapy. The Harley riders are experiencing withdrawal. Where is this spring that everyone is talking about? It may have been stolen by the North Koreans where they are breeding an invasion army of crickets.

Nice Cars

The Lion City II [4:42]

Social Security cards explained [7:48] – CGP Grey
About that Soc. Sec. card number

Imperial measurements [2:50]

Under the Glass: a Pinball Documentary [8:34]

Why old PCs had key locks [6:30]

Best of Remi Gaillard [8:54]


Less than Human [6:12]

Print Your Guy [6:44]


Elvira – Oak Ridge Boys [3:05]

Bonnie and Clyde – Foggy Mountain Breakdown [2:02]

Apple Ringtones [1:47]


Never skip abs day [0:10]

A380 cloud cutting [0:48]

FLIR thermal demonstration video [0:30]


7 times Big Beer was sued fro misleading the public

Oskar Blues’ Crowler may kill the glass growler

* Jiffs *


Aussie big rig dash cams [8:01]

Supersonic Wrecking Ball shotgun slug [8:56]

Beer caddy [3:30]

George Foreman hitting the heavy bag [1:04]

Cars Of Shelby [5:59] – Muscle Car of The Week

Okeechobee Mudding [11:42]

Wet photoshoot [1:00]

Sweet – Ballroom Blitz [4:00]

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