Ya know, I really didn’t feel like pounding out another brew review. Consider it a scar from that so-called funk I experienced a few weeks ago. Besides, it’s April Fools day. Who would take me seriously? Therefore, I must come up with something new or interesting for this space and time on this website.

Since SPT is known for featuring videos of destruction and plosions, both imp and exp, why not pair the two ideas together with beer, namely homebrewing beer. Beer explosions can be just as dramatic as structure explosions. We gathered up some drama and action to keep your attention for at least a little while this evening.

The breathing fermenter

Early morning surprise

Homebrew porter bottle rocket

Open fermentation at Kinn Bryggeri, Norway – read the video desc.

Bigfoot fermentation time lapse

Last week’s Sudden Poll was pretty much a cross section of humanity’s desire for pets. Dogs and cats , singularly or in multiples were the top preferences, almost 60%. Some of us have no pets at all at 15%. Birds, ferrets and fish were in the minority. We reveal a lot about ourselves so innocently, eh? Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what kind of pet you own. I just think it’s fun to do this.

In light of recent news about that bill that would allow ISPs to sell our browsing history, I looked into getting an SSL certificate for SixPackTech. (HTTPS) Right now though, it’s too soon for me understand what protections it would offer bases on the type of site we are and the fact that we gather no information about anyone who visits or whether it’s even necessary.

Just to set the record straight, I have certain plugins installed on SPT that can tell me where you are from, which browser you are using and a bunch of other crap that I don’t really care about. All of these parameters were built into the HTTP format years ago. I delete my browser history and cookies and other past personal activities. I don’t know what HTTPS would gain for SPT. I do know we are in a huge state of flux that that guy got elected to the White House.

Thanks for stopping by.

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