Frankly speaking

It is so nice to have hope for warmer weather so close in the air. The grass is starting to turn green and soon, even those brown clumps interspersed among the green will disappear. Then, green buds will appear on the trees. Have a good look at those buds. In due time you’ll be raking their huge dead corpses in massive numbers from your lawn. But just deal with all this stuff now. We need the warm weather.

The Post Views plugin that was installed about 3 weeks ago has given me a renewed feeling about the site. That and the spur-of-the-moment idea of a Sudden Poll, now available every weekend. The post views offer numbers from two places (I’m sure I’ve figured it out now.) One is from the daily video play button. The other is from the On the Pics Subdomain topic in the sidebar. The numbers are different, but they’re impressive enough for me.

Last week’s Sudden Poll about hair shows a number of things. Honesty, diversity and willingness to participate. And on which side you think your hair looks good. Good for you. The new week’s poll is about something equally important in our lives: pets. For now, I’d like to keep the Sudden Poll rather generic until something, some enlightenment, some suggestion turns it in a new direction.

The site will be entering its 9th year in early April. To celebrate I’ll probably have a beer and say something idiotic and stupid. My wife will taste it and run to the bathroom to scrub her tongue with an SOS pad. I may even go to bed late.

Thanks for stopping by.

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