It’s almost the end of March and things are looking better weather-wise. Of course, the ground is still brown and mushy, but the air temps are in the high 40s and there’s no unmelted snow on the ground. But that’s no guarantee. At anytime, nature can have a small seizure, gas pain or projectile upheaval and the weather can turn to shit in a second. These are the joys of Flatland living.

SixPack Pics – Statues

Cassini-Huygens: Life around Saturn [9:25]

Peter Fonda and the Captain America Bike [6:21]

Butler Academy [2:32]

The Hyatt Regency Collapse – the disaster that changed engineering [4:20]


Lifeless [2:46]

Salesman Pete [6:55]


Brazilian Crane Band [1:01]

AC/DC riffs – 50 of ’em [13:28]


Wingsuit simulation [0:28]

Make 7-Up yours [0:30] – oldie, fave, whatever

Mad Max in Russia [0:17]


I hate Rogue Brewery – Reddit testimonial

Best Belgian Tripels rated – my favorite style

How a Vancouver pub ‘annoyed an entire country’ with a poorly poured pint of Guinness

* Jiffs *


BattleBots 2016 highlights [10:25]

Closet storage [9:53]

Stretch Armstrong as target practice [12:43]

Stripes Special [12:37] – Muscle Car of the Week

Beer Quench! Forging The ‘Murica’ Knife [13:52]

Diesel truck drag racing – NHRDA Tulsa [5:35]

Girls lips kissing [0:46]

John Fogerty – Susie Q [5:28]

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