Frankly speaking

Received an email from Tony in the UK:

I live in the U.K. and am just getting ready for the day just as your site updates and am often one of the earliest voters/viewers of a refreshed page. I wonder where the rest of them are?

Thanks for suggesting this, Tony. It never dawned on me about global time zones. I did some checking and downloading and testing and have come up with the minimum solution to Tony’s question and quite possibly the answer to what I’ve been waiting for for years. How many people visit SPT at any given time?

In the right-hand sidebar is a small graphic titled Visitors. It’s just a flat, 2D map of the world but it’s live. It’s moveable just like Google maps are. It actually show how many site visitors there are at any given moment. Therein lies the surprise. The visitors are more in line with what the Stat Counter graphs have been showing. (I still don’t understand the numbers, but they remain consistent with the Visitor numbers.)

I do know that the visitor plugin does not track my visits. I don’t know if it’s tracking bots but I’m not going to worry about it. Everything is just peachy now. All pink and fuzzy.

Don’t feel too left out with the shortened Slinks. Pretty much the entire reason for my earlier funk was the fact that I was dumping too much daily content into the Sunday post. Now, the Slinks are 50% less in the top and the bottom, but everything in the middle is basically the same. It’s still good enjoyment over a longer period of time.

I took another day off from a Brew Review because I liked how it felt last week. I just sat back and had a few Unibroue La Fin Du Monde (the fine mountain pfft!) over the course of a nicely laid back Saturday night.

I conveniently let the 3Floyds Dark Lord tickets sales go by. That’s just 3 minutes and $180 worth of beer hype I didn’t care to get into again. Their Dark Lord is a real world class beer but it must be shared. The wife hates those dark beers so I’d have no one to share some with.

The weekly Sudden Poll has gained some popularity with the Shaving vote returning the highest number of voters so far. Shaving a couple of times a week seems to be the norm. And nobody pays a barber to shave his face. There are exceptions, however: job interview, wedding, award ceremony, and hipster.

Some sad news: the noted award winning blogger behind The Presurfer website, Gerard Vlemmings, died in the latter part of last February of lung cancer. He was 67 years old. He had been posting on the Internet using Google’s free Blogger platform since 2000. Many of his posts were cited on SPT. SixPackTech still remains in his blogroll as of this writing.

And this is the way it will be from now on. Some omitted beer reviews and shortened Slinks. And a map to see where you’re from. We don’t know your name or what you look like, but we think you are one of those blue map arrow indicators in the sidebar. Good to see ya. And a special Hello to all those from Oceania dan unduh.

Stop by for another visit whenever you can.

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