It’s the first Sunday of Daylight Saving time. Hope you remembered to set your clocks for it. Welcome to the beginning of the new season of light and warmer weather. Coming soon. I hear it’s gonna be great. Wait. Maybe those were crickets.

SixPack Pics – Bendy Babes

The expensive things Donald Trump owns [5:04]

Sand made from bottles [1:51]

Saving America’s terrible Internet [8:04]

Huge Lego railroad [3:59]

Guy builds the solar system to scale in a desert [7:21]


Chicken and an alien [2:58]

Ford Mustang 1967 vs Audi R8 [5:09]


Apple orchestrated ringtones [1:47]

“Swanee” performed by the Banjo-Orchestra [3:06]

Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina [3:00]


Return of the baby sniper [0:40]

Warrior playlist [0:16]

Wrong bra size [0:50]


18 defining moments in the history of craft beer

Dark Lord Day details announced

* Jiffs *


How to repair an anvil [7:26]

The most shredded guy in the world – Helmut Strebl [6:33]

1971 Plymouth HemiCuda Convertible 4-Speed [6:03] – Muscle Car of the Week

Not your average Ford Fairlane [5:41]

Photoshoot ’14 [1:02]

AC/DC – T.N.T. [3:49]

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