It’s the first Sunday in March. Does it feel like spring yet? St. Paddy’s Day is only two weeks away. Things are starting to look up. And if you look down, that’s where all the Slinks are.

Nice Pics

Photos of the Oroville Dam spillway damage

Australia’s underground homes [2:10]

Chris Pratt on hunting [2:03]

7 Earth-like planets discovered [6:33]

The H1 as a civilian off roader [8:26]
The H2 – The most embarrassing vehicle you can drive [8:59]

Texas high schoolers build monster truck [2:09]

Terrible airplane WiFi [5:24]

Zach King Vine collection [6:40]

The Flying Man [9:20] – fave


Black Holes [12:13]

The Last Bastion [7:22]


Inuit throat singing [5:54] – found this fascinating

Guitar loop [8:23]

Bach – Cello Suite No.1 Prelude [2:37]


Walking the dog [0:07]

Jack hammering a cooling tower [0:42]

Camel dead lift [0:52]

Celebrating afterward [0:06]


Good beer glasses matter [6:33]

Recreating ancient ales [2:58]

The story of Heady Topper – long read

* Jiffs *


Vinegar rust removal (19 months) [7:21]

The hit that benched Bledsoe and started Brady [3:22]

DiResta kitchen knife [10:48]

Dash cam compilation [10:04]

Connor McGregor [11:11]

1959 Chevrolet Corvette 283 Fuel Injection [7:19] – Muscle Car of the Week

A tape measure lesson [11:43]

Old school gassers [4:19]

Best action scene: Mad Max Fury Road [3:52]

Emily Ratajkowski: The New Queen Of Summer [1:18]

Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love [2:54]

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