Frankly speaking

YouTube seems to be giving some free rein to young techies over the weekend refining the code for embedding videos. I have run across two different versions of the < iframe > code on the YT site. Both do exactly the same thing only with differences. One is more graphical and opens up a window to the right which offers an embed start time, nut no customization of the embedded size. The other intricately designs some parameters for horizontal/vertical placement or something, and just seems to pollute the simple code with crap. Strangely, right around midnight or so, YouTube goes back to the old way of embedding. It’s my feeling that some of the tech managers at YouTube are assholes who allow unfettered alteration of code on YouTube. Or they are bots. Runaway bots that come out at night and mess with the code just to screw with guys like me.

Recent news this last week had an article about a vulnerability in the Next Gen Gallery WP plugin which we finally dumped about two years ago. More info here. Ever since some company bought the plugin code from the author, the plugin went south. When SPT had a few glitches back then, that’s when I decided to dump it. There’s another plugin called Jetpack which promises a lot but seems to be sketchy as to what it actually does.

The reinstalled post-view counter is working like how charms work. Looks like many readers go directly to the Pics subdomain. For me, it’s nice to know how many views there were of any single post. All that crap on stat counters about returning visitors and first time visitors and unique visitors means nothing to me. I just want to see how popular the Humpday Honeys were with the readers on this site.

The Sudden poll for last week still had one guy wearing SaranWrap. View the results.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. Shit. This Shit. I love doing it.

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