After a whole week of spring-like weather, we’re back in the doldrums of gray skies and temps in the high 30s. The tulip shoots that mistakenly popped out of the ground are screaming at night with bouts of weeping. The Harleys are silent for now, except for that one couple who look like Mr. and Mrs. Stay Puft Marshmallow in black. They’ll give up by the end of this week. Meanwhile, as usual, the Slinks await those that don’t want or care to venture outdoors.

Nice Cars

Zealandia – the Hidden Continent [6:10]

To be a bird in Iceland [2:28]

What’s happening to Sony? [14:32]

Bull Ant Vs Redback Spider [?3:30]

1400 hp, v16 engine

Waterway to motorway and back [6:25]

Giant funnel marble race [3:02]

How NFL rule changes made linemen gigantic [2:40]

R’ha [6:26] – sci-fi short – fave


Chalk [1:00]

The God [4:16] – Pixar


Hockey stick guitar [1:49]

Nothing Else Matters Polka [1:06]

The Galaxy Song [2:43]


B-1 Bomber low pass [0:48]

Don’t slam the door! [0:18]

Playing dodgeball with a softball pitcher [0:23]


IBUs explained [4:01]

The beer pipeline of Bruges [3:29]

* Jiffs *


Direct metal laser printing [11:30] – Leno’s Garage

Secret compartment box [12:08]

Best fight scenes of Tony Jaa [15:50]

10-second Monte Carlo daily driver [8:15]

Muscle Car of the Week Viewer Mail [11:05]

Red Green’s Hot Sauce [8:55] – VHS quality

Best MLB pickoffs [4:41]

MMA knockouts [10:06]

The ’85 Bears defense [4:53]

Drag racing back-up babes [2:14] – video slideshow

CCR – Suzie Q [5:24] – Fogarty

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