Frankly speaking

Saturday night was a party night in my son’s large garage. He hyped it up as “Feb-Brew-Ary.” As usual, I was the oldest guy there. Lots of homebrew dispensed from built in taps and jockey boxes. Meads and rare beers were also sampled. I had so much fun with the crowd that I postponed the Saturday Brew Review night at home.

Tried out DFH’s beer Randall Jr. with minimal success. Pellet hops don’t work very well with the unit. I’ll try a coffee press next for beer infusion and get some leaf hops for the Randall.

Everything should be where is usually is. We’ll pick back up on Monday.

Results of the Sudden Poll from last week:


Boxers outrank briefs. One guy goes Commando. Good for him. Two guys wear SaranWrap. Now that’s sumthin’!

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