Frankly speaking

I spent some time this last week trying to make friends again with the Chrome browser for Mac. I’ve been dealing with the whims of Firefox since… wait. Since when? I’d say the trouble started when the Comcast guys came out to fix our lines. They said that the problem in our lines was causing slow-downs for our neighbors on the same circuits on our block, or whatever. There were a couple of places inside the house where the wiring wasn’t up to snuff and the tech spent about 20 mins replacing them.

I don’t know if it’s me, or the service or the Internet or what, but right after the Comcast guy “fixed” our wiring, Firefox began to slow down with each browser session. As if it was storing all of my click history while I have browsing to Private. YouTube started buffering playback. Getting a new browser window got slower. Since then, I’ve gotten around all these foibles. But I started looking into the Chrome browser from Google.

Right off the bat, I knew I was treading on enemy soil. I figured that every browser action I would make in Chrome would be stored, analyzed, algorithmed, quantified and stored in small location on a big hard drive in a giant storage facility under Google’s control.

Chrome’s browser preferences are a bit sparse compared to Firefox. Turning on/off private browsing (Incognito) is a toggle. However the trick opening a clicked link in new tab AND going to that tab is nowhere to found so far for me.

I don’t want websites tracking my browsing. I have a couple of extensions in Firefox which seem to do the job well enough for me. In Chrome? I’d have to look for a library of Chrome add-ons like WordPress plugins where I can go down a list of extensions and install the ones that matter for me.

If worse comes to worst, I’ll start from scratch with Opera… and then do all the explorations for Opera that I did for Chrome.

Maybe I should just start bugging Comcast. I’d tell them that I suspect that their guys have put a siphon filter or a data dam or a secret listening device. Hmm. Now that I think of it, our LG big-screen TV probably has all that installed at the factory. Maybe I should call them.

Internet Explorer for Mac? Brrr! Now that’s a nightmare!

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