Frankly speaking

Winter is playing tricks on us Flatlanders. We had temps in the mid 40s this weekend and lots of sunshine. Makes ya wanna stand outside on the patio and take a few deep inhales while slapping your chest. We’ll go back into the shivers for next week and by the weekend, we may see 60°.  It’s not global warming, it’s not climate change. It’s Illinois. Where the swings and shifts in weather patterns drive the people crazy. Their driving habits prove it.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll be accompanying a couple of my sons and their friends to a pinball arcade in Joliet. Holy shit! Pinball! Pinball use to be my life. Starting when I was about 13 and waited the counter at the local crap food diner on one side, TV repair shop on the other side. There was a baseball game machine that ate pretty much most of my part time wages.

I was on temporary duty in the service training at a base in Texas. There was this one pinball machine that sucked me right in and held me mesmerized for hours. I often skipped the supper at the chow hall just so I could hear that resounding rap that designated a free game. By the time was discharged, all the pinball games had gone away.

Tomorrow may mark a new beginning for the pinball era. I will be permanently entrenched at the helm of some as yet unknown machine, flipping flippers, nudging and bumping, pounding and cursing, and loving every minute. I sincerely hope I don’t get disappointed.

I’m trying to get into using the Chrome browser. I really am. I have most of my Firefox bookmarks ported over and everything looks pretty good. During any browser session using Chrome, I’ll discover something that Chrome doesn’t have, that Firefox had all along. Most of it is privacy settings, history clearing, website tracking and just the general look and feel is something I’ll have to learn more day by day. After all, Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” Right? Right? Anyone?

Thanks for stopping by when you can. Yes, I still love doing this shit.

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