It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the Patriots are starting to phosphor burn into our TV screens. Winter slowly plods along as do we. Here in Flatland the temps have dipped a notch or two colder but at least the sun has come out each of the past few days. The sun lifts the spirits in humans giving us a new reason to like being alive. The Slinks lift the spirits as well, but without all that alive stuff.

Nice Pics

How China is changing your Internet [5:57]

The rise and fall of Yahoo! [10:26]

Preparing Apollo 11 – Rollout to Pad 39A [7:32]

First visit to Nishinoshima Volcano Island, South Japan [2:34]

Apple Campus 2 February 2017 construction update [3:54]

F1 car startup procedure [5:05]

Strangest computer designs of the 1980s [7:19]

Every state in the US [13:50]

Plastic bags into fuel? [4:22]

HK Denham Psycho [6:07] – fave


Big Catch [4:15]

Riding shotgun [6:12]


The Cristofori Piano [2:20] – built in 1720

The Entertainer on the Wurlitzer [2:35]

Sweet Georgia Brown with tractor [4:56] – fave


Interview [0:22]

Railroad track under tension [0:24]

Electric sausage – now with LEDs [0:30]

Beer faves

I am Canadian beer fridge [1:47] – relevant today

Samuel Jackson Beer [1:45]

* Jiffs *


Worst plays in Super Bowl history [11:17]

No Doritos ads in today’s game: here are some old ones [4:03]

Dash cam crashes from you know where [4:23]

The Matrix (1999) – Kung Fu Dojo Fight [4:35]

MLB brawl – Robin Ventura, Nolan Ryan [6:26] – 8/4/93

Most satisfying MMA defeats [6:07]

1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt [5:47]

Milling a walnut tree with a chainsaw [7:50]

Formula Offroad crashes – Skien, Norway [11:24]

Ice Cream Cruise 2016 [7:25]

Sexy lady [2:04]

Doobies Live [5:55]

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