Frankly speaking

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, moms and dads, I’m taking the night off just to screw around and do whatever tickles my fancy. Therefore and sadly, there will be no Blue Collar Brew to write about this week. I am saddened as well. (Probably saved myself 15 bucks in expenses, though.) Next Saturday will be better. By that time I will have missed pontificating my opinions of the beer at hand. My fingertips will get itchy to bang the keyboard some more. I’ll buy a new beer, or an old beer, and drink it while writing about it. But for tonight, the keyboard will be silent.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and all of our offspring, the boys and their babes and kids will come to visit and get loud and laugh a lot. Mom will make her traditional Reuben sandwiches (no thousand island dressing) for the boys. No sauerkraut for one lady, substitute the cheese for another lady and just grilled cheese for for one lady and the youngest kid. I’ll be assistant chef by buttering the bread and serving the sandwiches. The game is secondary to the food.Not a lot of beer drinking will take place as they all have to get work on Monday, as does the rest of the country. I’ll have a sixer of Brickstone APA standing by just in case.

For my Saturday night, I will patiently be visiting favorite video sites while I sip on my boring Belgian dubbel beer, Unibroue Maudite. I may even troll a few friends on Fb.

Sometimes a day off is good. Like today.

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