We have successfully made it through another week of cold temps, perpetually gray skies and winter blahs. Nice going. Give yourself a pat on the back and grab your reward of a cold barley beverage. Settle back, grab the mouse and start clicking.

This is what the sun looks like in case we forget

Nice Cars

The inauguration of President Donald Trump – The Big Picture

Aerial view of Victoria Falls [3:19]

Facts about NASA [11:09]

The origins of Sony [11:41]

Wyoming life – feeding the cows [4:01]

Climbing wind turbines for a living [5:43]

Pouring a concrete driveway [7:59]

Innovations in Formula One [11:59]

The Duel at Blood Creek [14:20] – fave


For Approval [0:56]

Star Wars Detours trailer [3:48]

DOOM – Candle Demon [1:25]


Ace of Spades on the 3-String Shovel [3:27]

Celtic Walk [1:52]

Beyonce in Dream Land [1:05]


Clowns inbound! [0:09]

Watch where you’re going [0:33]

Match point in volleyball [0:45]


The yeast scream

The 25 most important American craft beers ever brewed

Old Frothingslosh – The stale pale ale with the foam on the bottom [1:03]

* Jiffs *


Friction drilling [9:17]

Worst plays in Super Bowl history [11:17]

DiResta tools & materials cart [7:42]

World of Baseball [6:29]

Shooting rifled Foster slugs [7:15]

The best of the worst [6:01] – Muscle Car of the Week – Outtakes

Ip man 3 – Wing Chun vs. Muay Thai [3:20]

2016 NHRA wild rides [3:44]

Greatest runs in NFL history [10:37]

Black Magic Woman [5:17]

John Fogerty – Run Through the Jungle [3:49]

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