Blue Collar Brew – 3Floyds Permanent Funeral Pale Ale

I had to get gas prior to my beer run. I had coordinates set westerly for Ottawa and Herman’s. When I approached I-80, I decided to change course and head east to Cardinal’s. They’ve been updating their Beer Menus religiously. However… while their beer selection is quite wide, their parking places are very narrow. Also, The county tax there is just under 10%.

As I walked in, One of the guys who works there spotted me and approached. He said, “Now that I have you here, I want to point out this new beer we just got in. It’s limited edition.” The beer was brewed by Oddside Ales and was called Mokka Munt, a Double Imperial stout made with coffee and mint and aged in bourbon barrels. I picked up four bottles thinking that I haven’t yet had a stout of any kind this winter.

When I made it back home, my #2 son and his family were there for a quick visit to drop off a Christmas gift which was exchanged by #1 son the last time they met. (The slippers were too small.) I received the correct size plus an added gift: two bombers of Permanent Funeral from 3Floyds. Ah, whadda guy.

I decided to change plans once again and save the stout for a future review. Tonight we shall, once more, partake of a barley beverage copiously seasoned with Nature’s lively green imp, the hop cone.

Looking at the label of the bottle of Funeral, you’d think it was a mess of dark ink with an eye, spider legs, wolf ears, and sharp, pointed teeth dripping with blood. Permanent Funeral was brewed with their friends in the band Pig Destroyer. How apropos. None of the band members work in the meat packing industry.

We should have a relatively fresh beer at hand. Stamped on the bottle was the bottled on date of 12/06/16.

Time’s a wastin’. Let’s drink some beer.

The beer poured nice and orange and brought up a two-inch, frothy white, thick head. Carbonation was minimal but the liquid was perfectly clear. The aroma was of grassy and piney hops but we shall see how that all forms on the palate.

The first sip help many surprises. The mouthfeel was big and I could taste the sweetness during the intake. The hops were definitely of the grassy and piney variety. After the swallow a taste (or sensation) somewhat similar to a Listerine aftertaste but not unpleasant. It was as if much of the hop lupulins were made into a potion and added to this beer as an afterthought. I’m sure this will settle out as the sipping goes on.

Compared to Arctic Panzer Wolf, Funeral is a bit adjusted along the hop spectrum about at the point where the grassy/piney gives way to the citrusy/fruity, while the Wolf is more bright and crisp. It’s a delicious beer and I’m impressed with how it tasted. It was a double IPA but still had a taste that was unique to this beer alone.

Reading through the beer forums, I discovered a couple of facts. One person’s clone recipe for Permanent Funeral called for 13 ounces of hops all added right at the end of the boil.  This technique is called ‘hop bursting’. The recipe was damn near all Citra hops with some Centennial thrown in to confuse the hop heads out there. This just may be Zombie Dust’s big brother. And once again, Floyd’s calls this a Pale Ale on the label. Pale ale my ass.

The hop flavors do not weigh the beer down at all. They don’t drag on your tongue, nor do they rasp at the back of the throat. The beer floats down the gullet with the hoppy goodness just under the surface of the liquid to play with the malts as it coats everything it touches. This is some good stuff right here, boy.

Thankfully, Permanent Funeral is brewed year round and you could probably pick up some bombers at Floyd’s package counter. Just check their website for availability.

The SixPackTech summary for Permanent Funeral:

Style: Double/imperial IPA.
Taste: A nice, sweet and hoppy, yet unique drinking experience.
Smoothness: Things settle out quickly in the first three sips.
Bang for the buck: Great taste for a good price.
Amount paid: You can’t beat the price of a gift, but these go for about $10 at Floyds.
Get it again? Oh yeah.
ABV: 10.5%
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: It’s cloudy. (sniff) I’m getting heavy citrus. (sip) Oh. OH! It’s like an orange that’s gone bad. No thank you. KKCCK! Acck. (And it’s off to the bathroom to scrub and sanitize the interior of her mouth.)

RateBeer rates.

Pig Destroyer – Permanent Funeral [4:12] – No comment. Video linked as a courtesy.


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