Replacing the old homemade CNC machine

Follow along with Frank Howarth as he disassembles his hand-built CNC machine in preparation of receiving a new one.

Part 1 [7:50]

I have started a new relationship with CNC Router Parts LLC. This will start with me receiving a new CNC machine from them and future videos of mine will be done using this new CNC machine. Also, they are buying my old machine and removing it. This video will be about taking apart my current CNC machine. The next video will be about building the new machine from one of CNC Router Parts kit machines.

Part 2 [18:30]

I have built the CNC Router Parts 4×8 Pro Kit. I started by building the base with six legs and the table all made out of 80/20 aluminum extrusion. Then I built the gantry which runs on linear rails along the sides of the table. I attached the z-axis to the gantry and attached all of the motors and wired everything up. After a little fiddling with Mach3, it seems to work. I finished up by working on the table which is a ¾ inch thick piece of MDF.

Video links: Part 1, Part 2.

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