For all practical purposes, we are in the dead of winter. All through the midwest for the last few days, we flatlanders have been covered in a sheet of ice. Rain out the wazoo and then freezing cold.  That plays hell on car doors, car door handles, outside mirrors, wipers and windshields and footing. I pity all the poor working stiffs who were late for work because their cars were frozen shut. Meanwhile, thousands of Aussies are tossing millions of shrimps on countless barbies dan unduh.

Dakar Rally 2017 – The Big Picture

Bad Camera Pans

Cubs visit the White House

Titan Touchdown [2:27]

Plymouth Prowler – the weirdest car of the 1990s [12:21]

China from above [4:03]

Vacation is calling [2:06]

The Scroll Lock key [6:10]

Lithium mining in Chile [6:22]

RUIN [8:29] – short movie – fave


Light Cycle Battle from Tron 1982 [3:02]

Chop Chop [1:18]

Non-Music Music

Hambone [2:29]

Spoons [0:44]

Mouth harp [1:32]


Game show host freakout [0:31]

Bounding deer [0:12]

Maxine [0:34]

Beep [0:03]


5 interesting facts about yeast [6:05]

How Pabst is taking on Big Beer, craft beer and imported beer all at once

* Jiffs *


Benelli shotgun trick shots [8:32] – VHS quality

Best of WRC 2016 [9:57]

DiResta bed build [12:17]

Glass shotgun slugs [6:12]

Gauge blocks [11:42]

1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Roadster [5:43] – Muscle Car of the Week

Dash cam crashes [4:50]

10 most dangerous boxers [16:39]

History of Street-Legal Drag Racing, 1949 to 2013 [12:48]

Welcome home [1:51]

Dire Straits – Down to the Waterline [4:04]

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  1. Jeff says:

    I kinda hate to rub it in Frank, but here in Florida we’re experiencing what would be the opposite of a polar vortex. It’s been in the 70’s and 80’s this past week, we have only had a few days of “winter” weather so far and it turns right back to fall again. I certainly know why there are snowbirds flocking south this time of year. I feel for ya though, that ice and snow has gotta be rough.

    And what is wrong with people regarding the nat or not? This weeks is clearly natural, open your eyes guys! /rant

  2. fcgrabo says:

    One guy is undecided so far. I find the diversity of the answers interesting.

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