Frankly speaking

What the hell happened last Saturday?

I thought I’d clue you in. Last Saturday was my good friend Jeff’s annual chili cook-off event. Jeff invites friends over to his luxurious estate with the chance of winning a best tasting chili contest. Actually, a bunch of friends gather just after the new year and bring some chili. Lots of craft beer and plenty of people show up for this event/party. This year there were 12 chilis entered into the contest.

My entry was this: buy a quart of Wendy’s chili. ($7.50) Embellish it with a half of a white onion, some cayenne and chili powder. My wife found a “Hungarian wax pepper” which was finely chopped up and added to the mixture.

Of the 12 chilis, Wendy’s won 3rd place. Beer prizes were given to the winners but I declined any award after my admission of being in cahoots with Wendy.

Exotic beers in small samples were poured throughout the evening. The laughter became louder. The hour drew later. The hot tub was turned on. This old man came rolling home. It was 1:30 AM. I had a blast. I posted the Slinks and went to bed. I may have angered a few readers by posting the Weekly Babes on Sunday.

Now you know what happened. Monday it was business as usual. And here we are. I’m sorry if anyone was inconvenienced. But, hey. I’d do again in a microsecond.

Life is good. I love when shit like this happens.

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