It’s a brisk Sunday here at the SPT compound. We’re emerging slowly from a week of temps in teens. Today we’ll hit 21°. Woo! Another day inside. But that’s okay. We have the Slinks to take us away from all of that. Meanwhile, the Aussies are thumbing their noses at us.

Nice Pics

This is Home [2:06]

Drone flight along a mountain ridge [1:38]

The Wedge [12:17]

Making springs [7:46]

Inside a forging factory [11:51]

Foot-pounds vs. pound-feet

The Fading Glory of Bowling – video

9 ball billiards – Reyes makes a z-shot [5:18]

Bo-taoshi – Japanese capture-the-flag [7:40]

Bird Box Studio Animations

Dinner [1:27]

Guard [1:45]

Duel [1:27] – fave


ROK Marine Band [5:04]

Star Wars theme on Electone [3:51] – amazing

The Stranierofono [4:23]


London in 22 seconds [0:22] – should have been twice as long

First fly-by-wire Airbus flight [0:24]

Coolest bottle opener in the world [0:41]


Stories Behind 7 Famous Beer Logos

Shalom – Fish [1:11] – VHS quality

* Jiffs *


DiResta Which Blade III [8:24]

Sunday in South L.A. [5:59]

Action scenes from the 2015 Toivakka Ralli [7:05] – Finland

Old school gassers [8:34] – was that a Rambler?

Memorable MMA KOs of 2016 [Streamable]

1971 Buick GS 455 Stage 1 Automatic Convertible [7:03] – Muscle Car of the Week

Crazy strong fitness [7:42] – feel free to mute the audio

The hit that ultimately ended Joe Theisman’s career [2:13]

CNC machining bloopers [6:14]

Butts everywhere [1:12]

Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love [3:06]

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