Frankly Happy New Year

As I start typing this epistle, there’s about a half hour to go before 2016 turns into 2017. Once again, we’ll all have problems for two weeks or more getting use to the new date on documents.

2016 was a shit year. Too many loved ones lost. Too many wars, killings, cops and shootings, tornadoes, earthquakes, ice melting, pending extinctions and too many threats from Asia and the Middle East. Then there’s that orange guy the country elected to take us into the next four years. Enough.

The women are still shaped the same and will continue to do so for quite a number of years. Technology is advancing with leaps and bounds. We read about virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence almost every day in the news. Video games are getting better. Graphics are stunning. Movie studios are using more and more CGI which, I think, is just fine. It’s like animated cartoons for adults.

Beer styles have trended over the past year with the fruit juice added flavors and sour beers rising and falling . The best was the public’s snub of all the pumpkin beers which started hitting shelves in late August, early September. I’ve learned a lot about beer last year and I’ve noticed that my palate has changed as well as my beer preferences.

During these last minutes of the old year, (imagine this) I reach way down deep and grab a bunch of good wishes and dreams and throw them in your direction. Wait. There’s more. Good health. Happiness. Always a full roll of toilet paper. A place to live with no crickets. No Check Engine lights. No traffic tickets or car crashes. No flat tires. None of that shit.

And none of that other shit that 2016 gave us.

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

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