Happy Christmas!

Here it is. It’s today. Everything for the past month has been focused on this special day. It’s today. Christmas. May your day be merry and full of tasty barley beverages. But with great holidays comes great responsibility. Play it safe. Have fun. Enjoy your family. Even your bitchy Aunt Eleanor has some good qualities to smile about.

From all of the staff here at SixPackTech.com, Frank and his All-encompassing Wife wish you the best on this very special day.

Today we have all Christmas related Slinks below. These are the ones we deemed worthy to be posted here on the site for today. I don’t know if I can ever maintain this level of excellence again. Pfft!

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Pics

The incredible speed of a real Christmas tree fire [1:15]

Happy Birthday Jesus [1:27]

Merry Christmas 2016 from Apetor [2:27]

Christmas tree lights [1:33]

Beer Nog [2:17]

Yule logs burning in a fireplace
Classic version [6 hours]
PES candy version [2 hours]
Budweiser version [57:27]
Samsung version [10 hours +]

The Hunter [1:11]

A peacock spider Christmas [0:52]

Jackson Hole Wyoming town square live feed

Merry Christmas FPS [5:00]

Gift-wrapped cars [1:50]

What if Christmas presents were alive? [3:15]

Ferrari Powered Toyota Santa Sled [1:07]

Christmas Crack [5:12] – You Suck at Cooking

Christmas Train [2:09 – started at 0:35]

Christmas Music
Silent Night – Goat edition [2:09] – for as long as you can take it.
Dueling Jingle Bells [3:10] – Quickly turns into Deliverance
Christmas in Heaven [2:08] – Monty Python
Nutcracker Mini-suite [2:11]
Bluesy Christmas [4:33]

The Christmas Truce of 1914 – WWI [3:40]

Turkey curling [1:03] – works with ham too.

Christmas Honeys

The Fendertones – Little Saint Nick cover [2:18]

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  1. fretwalker says:

    Frank, Merry Christmas to you and the family!

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