The time fast approacheth as we counteth down to the big day. Today is the corner that¬†Christmas is right around. The coming week will, in all probabilities, be a full work week with the holiday day off mandated by the place of employment. Depends on the company. Place that thought on the shelf in the back of your mind and start clicking some Slinks. You never know where they’ll take you. Maybe around that corner.

Nice Pics

Analysis 2017: North America, Part 1 of 2 [10:02] – Caspian Report

Lunch Atop A Skyscraper: The Story Behind The 1932 Photo [5:34]

Kilroy was here- WWII meme [2:07]

Boron discovered on Mars [2:23]

Cars went from boxy to curvy [4:00]

How to buy a gun in Canada [22:09]

The history of Google [6:00]

Rules for astronauts in space [4:40]

The Expert [7:34] – fave


Ranger Gord – Pollution Solution [3:36]

The Worst City Ever [4:42]


Barret’s Privateers [2:12] – sea shanty

Ukelele solo #1 – Hanuman [2:36]

Ukelele solo #2 – Tim [2:26]


Another nice day in central North Dakota [0:19]

Stephen Fry cursing in British [0:29]

Aussie hoons [0:44]
Americans should adopt this action for all those drivers in jacked up trucks.


Marijuana and the beer industry

German beer farm [0:48] – vertical

Australian beer farm [1:31] – fave

* Jiffs *


Dashcam crashes involving trucks [7:04]

Repairing a giant tractor tire [14:07]

Best of the Web 9 [10:04]

Making drawer handles [6:32]

NFL trick plays [4:30]

458 Socom vs. body armor [10:02] – Demo Ranch

1964 Ford Falcon 260 Termite Racer [5:56] – Muscle Car of the Week

Best UFC finishes [3:48]

D for Dog Fight [5:47] – video short

TopStretching [0:58]

Creedence Clearwater Revival РDown on the Corner [2:35]

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