Blue Collar Brew Review – Heretic Evil Cousin

We’ll pick up the ball where it was downed last week and run another play with a beer from Jamil and the brewing brothers and sisters at Heretic Brewing. Last week Heretic Evil Twin was first tasted and enjoyed for the malt body and the great taste. This week we dive into a sixpack of Heretic Evil Cousin, a beer they classify as a double IPA.

I would speculate that after Jamil’s decision to start his own brewery, the recipe schedule had to be considered and finalized. Also, how could the award winning homebrew recipes be scaled up to yield the same tasting beer coming from a large system. After tasting Evil Twin and being impressed with it, I have high hopes for Jamil’s DIPA. I hope that it doesn’t go mainstream west coast IPA like most others, but has a unique flavor or taste all its own. Something to help it stand out from the others.

This sixpack, like the other before it, was captured in one of those hard plastic PakTech beer can holders. There has got to be a better way to remove the cans without shaking up the contents. The only alternative is to pull them all off at once, and then select one to enjoy.But we’re not here to discuss packaging. We’re here for the beer.

Let’s get crackin’.

The beer poured with a nice, bright yellow color and showed it was translucent in the glass. On top was a white foamy head of about an inch. The aroma was hops, those citrusy damp hops.

The first sip was delicious. There was a medium mouthfeel and a nice citrus flavor right away. The citrus seemed to taste like a cross between grapefruit and orange or thereabouts. It was a real tasty combination. The bitterness is subdued and the flavors were concentrated in the middle rather than at the back of the mouth.

I was actually surprised that this beer tasted that good. It wasn’t blown out of the water awesome, but rather a well rounded and mighty tasty beer. By the third sip my taste buds having a ball partying.

Searching around, I found that it may be the Apollo hops that is the star of the show. In my opinion it adds to all of the flavors of Cascade and Columbus plus contributes a slight bit of dankness to the mixture. It seems as if Jamil himself gave out the recipe for Evil Cousin based on his 37 barrel brewing system. This link has the recipe and the conversion to a smaller batch.

The more I sipped, the more I liked the beer. Once again, I must differ in style with how the brewer classified the Evil Cousin. They call it a double/imperial IPA. I’d step it down a notch to a plain ol’ IPA. Just like last week’s Evil Twin. They classified it as an IPA, I’d call it a pale ale. And once more I’ll contradict myself and say “styles be damned.” It just may be that the BJCP style guidelines are the new Reinheitsgebot of the 21st century.

Based on the two selections of Heretic beers, I’m come to the conclusion to start keeping a better eye out for more beers from Jamil and crew. Both Evil Twin and Evil Cousin were outstanding beers. With the expertise that sits of there in Fairfield, California, there has to be more great beers in the same vein to be tasted.

Evil Cousin may be the perfect beer to bring to a party. Easy drinking, smooth tasting and delicious. It would also be perfect for after work, for out on the patio or deck, at the beach or just chillin’ with friends. Better bring enough to go around.

The SixPackTech summary for Heretic Evil Cousin:

Style: Double/Imperial IPA
Taste: Delicious. Outstanding. Very tasty.
Smoothness: Easy drinking. No surprises.
Bang for the buck: Worth every penny.
Amount paid: $10.99 for six 12-ounce cans.
Get it again? Hell yeah!
ABV: 8% – (perfect)
Brewer’s website
Wife’s all-encompassing opinion: Cloudy lemonade. (sniff) Real citrusy. (sip) (sip) It’s nice. It’s not bad at all. I wasn’t expecting that. (My thoughts exactly. Ya wanna sit on my lap?)

RateBeer rates.

Heretic Brewing – First brew day [4:04]


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