We’re counting down the time until the fat guy climbs down the chimney or that 4″ flue that’s attached to the furnace. One more Sunday remains before the big day. And then, like popping a balloon, it’ll all be over, nothing left but the clean up. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Nice Pics

Lonely cars in 1970s New York

Starling murmuration [1:58]

Why NASA sent John Glenn back into space at age 77

The machinists behind the New York Times [9:14]

Colma, CA – the city of the dead [2:44] – Tom Scott

Custom cars slide show [3:01]

Electric motorbike [3:32]

Inside dry-erase markers [8:28]

GUN [10:07] – short drama


Squaremotion [2:51]

Iron Man Gamma Protocol [5:58]


Legend of Zelda theme on marimba [4:12]

Entry of the Gladiators [5:47] – started at 2:15


African click language [1:00]

Russian missile launch failure [0:59]

Dog in a suit [0:13]


Lagunitas Sucks [2:15]

Falcon Beer Irish version [0:41]

* Jiffs *


Ken Block drifts London [10:12]

Making drawers [11:44]

Bomber slug vs. soft targets [6:52]

DiResta chisel repair [9:45]

Robot Wars gladiator fight 2015 [7:04]

Muscle Car of the Week will be shown on Monday if possible

Isle of Man TT motorcycle crashes [6:36]

Procharger nitrous Chevy II [4:42]

The War – the greatest 1st round in boxing – Hagler vs. Hearns [6:40]

Cosplayer babe on the runway [1:24]

Bad Company – Movin’ On [4:12]

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