Frankly speaking

Last weekend’s Dark Lord vertical tasting was an outstanding experience. It was amazing to detect the subtle differences in taste of the dark stout year over year. The only year’s edition that was not on the same plane was the 2011 Dark Lord which everyone thought was lacking in the super-infused dark malt sweetness as the other years were. I was glad everyone made it home that night.

I’ve mulled over getting into brewing mead and decided to wait until the warmer months when the local bees are active and I can purchase local honey. I’ll have plenty of time to research equipment and learn more about the mead making process by then. In the meantime, I’ll be making another batch of Skeeter Pee and bottling the lot. I learned my lesson from my initial batch where leaving it in the bucket was not a good idea.

Good news! The goddamn crickets are gone and next weekend will ensure it. I’ll drink to that.

By next weekend, the temps will drop into the mid to low 20s here in Flatland. Just a short time to check tire pressure and top off the windshield wiper fluid level. A new set of winter wiper blades is probably a good idea. Antifreeze. Shadetree oil changes will have to be done at a shop instead of the driveway. Buy about 15 different styles of ice scrapers because you know that most of them will be broken by mid January. All of the ladies will be bundled up and will look like shrubberies in coats, not revealing any arch or curved line or nuance. And some guy, somewhere, will be thinking if his duct taped covered Carharrt coat could get him through one last year.

Site-wise, I’ve eliminated a couple of plugins and it sped up my posting time. I’m happy in that respect. The site loading time still irks me but we’ll see how it goes for awhile.

Thanks a lot for stopping by. I still love doing this shit.

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