Frankly speaking

I’ve been trying to come to a decision about this site, its load speed, available browsers and perhaps a transition to another hosting service. Early this week I visited a popular website for young adults and I noticed that their site took about the same length of time as SPT. And it keeps calm and carries on.

I’m going to put the site load time on the back burner for a while. My new peeve is the wait that is involved between the different posting processes on a nightly basis for me.

  • Type or place text in the body of the post. Save as draft.
  • Wait 30 seconds. Select Publish post.
  • Wait 30 seconds. Select Add New Post.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Go back to the top.

Ain’t nobody got time for dat. Especially when there are 9 posts per day.

Let me see what I can do. I’ll stop complaining now. Thankyouhaveaniceday.

I still refer to as a website and will do so until the end. There’s still the “blog” cloud designation hanging overhead. Blogs are pretty much old school, but then again so am I. I never wanted SPT to be a place where I can toot my own horn and tell my life story. These Franklies are the extent of my own personal self  blog-style, on the Internet for the world and the NSA, FBI, CIA, NAACP, USPS, NRC, TWA and WTF to see. Therefore… is still classified as a website and not a blog. At least in my walnut brain it is. Me, Frank Grabo in Morris, Illinois. And who gives a rats ass.

I’m cooling down and I still love doing this shit. Cheers!

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